School Life

At St. Joseph Catholic Academy, our students are offered robust academics, unique campus ministry, special offerings in the arts and other extracurriculars as well as multiple opportunities for aspiring athletes. From preschool through twelfth grade, our students are challenged to develop curiosity, seek out questions, and learn critical problem-solving skills.

We truly live our new mission and vision reflecting Catholic identity and the rigor of critical thinking skills. Our students are guided and nurtured to develop lifelong habits of mind which are coupled with the core values of our Catholic faith tradition.

St. Joseph Catholic Academy’s faculty are blessed to have the opportunity to educate children and help create a positive atmosphere.


Join us on Saturday, April 29 from 5 - 11 p.m. at the SJCA Upper Campus for the Athletic Association's biggest fundraiser of the year - The Century Dinner!  For tickets, contact the Athletic Department at (262) 654-8651 ext. 133.