Mission and History


Centered in Christ, St. Joseph Catholic Academy builds scholars, leaders and stewards who will transform the world.

Lancer Value System

St. Joseph Catholic Academy is committed to a model of behavior that is based on the foundations of  Catholic values, morals, and beliefs, and is known as the Lancer Value System— the standard for all behavioral activity by which all those associated with the institution are held accountable, both on the school campus and in the community at large.

  • Spirituality - God and Faith are the center of our lives.
  • Humility - We are not boastful.  We recognize the sacrifice of many in all our personal achievements.
  • Generosity  - We share our God-given gifts with all those around us.
  • Respect - We behave in a way that honors self and others.
  • Acceptance - We recognize and treasure our different God-given talents.
  • Integrity - We are consistent and honest in words and deeds.
  • Accountability - We take responsibility for our actions and are answerable for our performance.
  • Commitment - We demonstrate dedication to our work, school, and others.


St. Joseph Catholic Academy, an educational leader and innovator in the Catholic community, officially opened on July 1, 2010. The Academy educates students from preschool through grade 12 on two nearby campuses.

In an effort to sustain and ideally grow the Catholic school market, St. Joseph Catholic Academy was created by the merging three schools into a 3K-12 school system:  St. Mark the Evangelist Elementary school, St. Joseph Interparish Jr. High School, and St. Joseph High School.  Three local parishes, St. Anthony of Padua Parish, St. Mark the Evangelist Parish, and St. Anne Catholic Church joined with these three schools to bring the vision of a 4K-12 school system into reality.

Additionally, a unique fundraising initiative called The Founders Club was created in which our most ardent supporters helped with our mission to provide accessible, affordable, sustainable Catholic education of the highest quality. These generous donors made unrestricted donations of $10,000 or more to assist with start up costs, to help leverage the $200,000 matching grant awarded to the Academy by the Erica P. John Fund.

Today, the school has a very bright future and we are thankful for the support given to us by parishes, families, alumni, businesses, and friends who have enabled St. Joseph Catholic Academy to fulfill its mission as an educational leader in the community and who have helped make a substantial impact on the lives of young people today, tomorrow, and for generations to come.

The St. Joe’s Lancer is the symbol of our school pride. It represents our fierceness in athletics and our drive for success in academics. Click here to read how it began. It was written by Cristin Kin, '14, class valedictorian.


The Founders Club

Erica P. John Fund
St. Anthony of Padua Parish
St. Anne Catholic Church
St. Joseph Catholic Academy Athletic Association
St. Joseph High School Endowment Foundation, Inc.
St. Mark the Evangelist Parish
St. Mark Home and School Association
In Honor of the School Sisters of St. Francis
In Honor of Sister Virginia Handrup
Dr. Thomas and Kristi Ambro
Paul and Simmi Bhardwaj
Bill and Wendy Brewer
Howard and Elizabeth Brown
Kevin and Denise Cassin
Bill and Patty Collins
Luigi Comi and Katherine Madrigrano Comi
Dr. & Mrs. Dennis Connolly
Tim and Stephanie Connolly
Dr. Stephen and Julie Feuerbach
Rob and Jean Fredrickson
Bill Friebus and Gina Madrigrano Friebus
Andy and Susy Harron
A. Allan Jankus
Mary Y. Johnson
Greg and Kathy Johnson
Paul and Sara Johnson Tutskey
Mr. & Mrs. William Johnson
Robert and Victoria Kaczmarek
Thomas A. Madrigrano
John and Beth Matteucci
Mr. & Mrs. David McKeon
G. Thomas and Pauline McTernan Family
The Mills Family
Michael and Jean Montemurro Family
The Ostby Family
Dr. Charles and Kimberly Pechous III
Dr. Clifton and Gladys Peterson
Paul and Beatrice Sebastian Family
Peter and Joann Speca
Ralph and Margaret Tenuta
Jane Rafferty Thiele
Dennis and Natalie Troha
John and Jennifer Trottier
Lorraine Vignieri
Dorothy Wasilevich
Peter and Mary Wasilevich
John and Judy Wavro
Bill and Jane Whyte


Upper Campus Laptop Pick Up

Students will need to have their school ID taken, drop off their forms, and pick up their laptop. If a student cannot make it on their assigned date, please contact the main office to make arrangements at (262) 654-8651. All family financial obligations will need to be fulfilled prior to receiving a laptop.


Laptop Pick Up Dates:

Last Names A-L: Thursday, 8/17 from 4 - 7 p.m.

Last Names A-L: Friday, 8/18 from 9 a.m. - 12 p.m.

Last Names M-Z: Monday, 8/21 from 4 - 7 p.m.